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"What does GeoVision offer"

Diverse product line with industry-leading technologies

  • Digital Surveillance Systems ranging from the cost-effective 20 fps to the leading-edge 480 fps models, choices ranging from BNC to D-Sub, built-in to standalone I/O modules
  • Continuous improvement of S/W, H/W compression technology to keep competition edge
  • IP surveillance product line
  • Integration of IT technology into surveillance system
  • Video analysis features for surveillance system
  • Digital Surveillance Systems with expandable supports to POS, Central Monitoring Station
  • License Plate Recognition Systems
  • Access control system
  • A complete lineup of security accessories that help security professionals to deliver customized services to users

World-Class R&D Team

  • Years of accumulated digital surveillance system design experience
  • Top Application, H/W, Driver, Image compression, Image recognition and Internet solution team
  • Top quality testing

Excellent Logistic Support

  • Fast delivery
  • Responsive customer service and technical support
  • 24h call center

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